Romantic sexy curls are back and we love them


The thing with romantic curls is that they’re loose and care-free, while still adding lots of body and style to your hair. Romantic curls are different from tight corkscrew curls and they are not even the same as waves.

7 tips on creating romantic curls

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Stylish summer hairstyles with ghd eclipse styler

Stylish Summer Hairstyles with ghd Eclipse Styler

Looking for stylish hairstyles for summer? Look no further! These easy ghd tutorials will show you how you can recreate a range of gorgeous looks for your locks.

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Spring nail art tutorials

Spring Nail Art Design

Spring is a welcome time to go outside and enjoy the weather, once the chill of Winter has melted away. If you like nail art, it’s also a great time to add a splash of colour and show off your designs! Here are five flowery nail art videos to inspire your next look.

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5 five-minute hairstyles for busy women

5 Hairstyles for Busy Women

When you’ve got a long day ahead of you, does your hair get neglected? The great news is hairstyles don’t have to be super complicated and time consuming to look good. Check out five quick and easy hairstyles for busy women.

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3 natural “no makeup” makeup tutorials

Natural makeup tutorial

Many women want natural looking makeup. The fresh faced, “barely there” look works for all sorts of occasions and settings. “No makeup” makeup is all about enhancing your natural beauty. Here are three natural makeup tutorials to inspire your next subtle, flawless look.

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Winter makeup

Winter Makeup Ideas

The cold winter months can leave us feeling sleepy and under the weather. But there’s no reason why we can’t look healthy and vibrant, no matter how grey it is outside. Here are five winter makeup tutorials to inspire your next look!

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Short and medium hairstyles with ghd

Short and medium hairstyles with ghd

Do you have short or medium hair? Not sure how to style your locks? You don’t need long hair to create a gorgeous style. Check out these tutorials from ghd to see how you can look great for every occasion.

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ghd Waves


Voluminous hair exudes style and confidence, whether you’re running errands during the day, heading out for the evening or partying through the night. But don’t despair if your hair is flat or frizzy. It’s easy to bring your hair to life and make every day a good hair day. Watch these videos to find out how you can achieve those sexy, voluminous waves!

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