Romantic sexy curls are back and we love them


The thing with romantic curls is that they’re loose and care-free, while still adding lots of body and style to your hair. Romantic curls are different from tight corkscrew curls and they are not even the same as waves.

7 tips on creating romantic curls

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Stars with side braids

Zoe Saldana

Plenty of celebrities have been seen sporting side braids over the past year. It’s a soft, effortless look that’s perfect for those casual days, but can work for more formal occasions too. Here are some celebrities to inspire your next braid.

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Celebrity short hairstyles

Celebrity short haircuts

Is it time for a haircut? If recent celebrity trends are any indication, short bobs are in. It’s a style that’s versatile, suiting many different hair types and ages, and doesn’t require too much maintenance.

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